Monday, January 19, 2009

We can sand our flooring. Yey.

After ripping up 2 layers of old vinyl and linoleum flooring in the parlor, kitchen, and butler's pantry, including scraping off old bits of fiber board and removing about a million nails, we finally exposed all the original hardwood flooring. Then we got out the belt sander and sanded a few spots to make sure that the old finish, water staining, and general poor state of the flooring is salvageable. Here are some pictures of the results... We're very pleased.


  1. After just finishing doing the same thing in our bathroom, I have mad respect for you :)

  2. Thanks! We like the tile a lot too. It's original and in pretty good shape. It's not going anywhere. We will probably have to put a small oak threshold piece between the tile and hardwood. I imagine there was one there originally, but was probably removed when they did the vinyl. I'll post a pic of the front entry at some point, it has it's own little radiator and is panelled like the rest of the foyer.