Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bathroom Teasers


IMG_0319 (Medium)

A couple weeks ago (misc. stages of completion):

IMG_1704 (Medium)

IMG_1708 (Medium)

We now have the glass tub shield in, the end of the tub tiled, and various other features completed.  I will post more shortly showing the entire room and in better lighting.

The tiles are all marble, the black inlay is granite (12x12 tiles that were taken to a water jet cutting place to be made into 0.5” strips).

Miscellaneous Pictures

The sun was shining into our main floor the other day and I took a few pictures…

IMG_1720 (Medium)

IMG_1721 (Medium)

IMG_1725 (Medium)

Butler’s Pantry

Catching up on some old posts.  Sorry, there will be a few posted in a row.  I’ll try not to post in bursts in the future, but it is the prime season to be out actually doing renovations and not blogging about them…

Here are the before and after for our butler’s pantry:

Before (even before we moved in):

DSC02675 (Medium)


IMG_1722 (Medium)

We kept the old cabinets and sink.  We are undecided as to whether this room will become a main floor powder room to so that the current powder room next to the kitchen (the one that was never put back together after the plumbers demolished it to update the plumbing) can be turned into a staircase to the basement, thus providing more room in our kitchen.  But for now, we find this room very useful with the second sink and extra storage.  We still have to put back up the crown moulding trim (when I get the chance).