Monday, January 19, 2009

New boiler pics

As promised in previous posts, here are some before/after shots of our new boiler. Not as exciting as a finished kitchen or updated decor, but this is a big thing for us.

A few comments relating to the boiler... the work isn't completely finished. We are waiting for them to come back to hook up the indirect hot water tank. The piping is in place, but the tank hadn't come in from the supplier yet. Also, the outdoor reset switch isn't installed. This is a small outdoor thermostat that measures the outside tempurature and varies the tempurature of the water in the system to provide better control and improved efficiency. Right now, the boiler is set to 160 F, which is making our two upper floors way too hot. Lastly, one of the old pipes going into where the old boiler was that they plugged is leaking. They realized the leak was there after bringing the system back up to full pressure, and since it was so cold on the day of cutover, and it's only leaking slightly (a few drips a minute) they decided to fix it when they come back.

They still have to put the cover on the new boiler too. It's so much smaller than the old one.

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