Thursday, January 15, 2009

On a cold day in Ottawa...

I'm not sure if it's officially the coldest day this winter here in Ottawa, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is. It was -27 C last night, -36 C with the wind chill.

The boiler plumbers asked me to set the thermostat at our the house to 80 F last night before we left so that the house would be nice and warm for today because they've decided to do the cutover to the new boiler today! It was so cold last night, that the tempurature near the thermostat was only 65 F this morning, probably because we have three radiators on the ground floor disconnected for other renovations right now.

I will post some pictures and a status update later today when the new boiler is on. We also made significant progress on removing the old vinyl flooring in the kitchen and parlor, and the hardwood underneath is for the most part in great shape. I'll get some pictures of that posted later today as well.

Brrr, it's already getting cold in here. The laundry room has already dropped to -2 C, I'm glad the water pipes out there are drained right now.

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