Thursday, January 1, 2009

Help Identify our Electric Fireplace

We have an electric fireplace in our second floor den. There are no markings to indicate who made it, or anything else to help us identify what type it is. It takes 3 bulbs (I presume to produce heat) and has an old push-button on/off switch (very similar to the rest of our light switches in the house). I assume it's an antique, original to the house (circa 1910-1915), but it could have been added later. The area of the house it's located in doesn't have a chimney, so it's not a retrofit into an existing fireplace. Here are some photos. Ignore the fake brick wallpaper that is covering up the mostly missing tiles. Please help us identify the maker/type of this fireplace:

As an additional question to any fireplace experts out there. Any guesses as to the maker/type of this wood burning fireplace insert? This is in the front foyer of our house. I imagine the mantel is custom, but the insert was probably mass-produced?


  1. Hi there,

    Around 1986 I lived in a house that had been built by the owner of a large electrical supply house in brantford. Lyons(or Lyon) Electric. There were a few styles of electric fireplaces in the house, one was similar to this. It had all three lamps. They were (as I recall) 12 or 16 inches high perhaps and were frosted. They were fairly straight with a bit of taper. Hard to believe but they still worked in 1986! Anyway I have no other information but the address was 26 Dufferin Ave. Brantford, ON. If you can figure out who lives there now- you might give them a ring. Good luck.

  2. Hi there - did you ever get an answer to this? We have one in our house - the electric one - and were wondering the same thing. We happen live in Ottawa as well. Ours is similar but not exactly like yours.

  3. we have a very similar fireplace in our house - also original - the house was built in 1914 - in toronto, canada

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