Friday, February 13, 2009

We're in!

We've been so busy moving in and getting settled, that there just hasn't been time for any blog posts the past week.

We managed to complete most of the move over the weekend with our last load being brought over on Monday morning. It is so nice to be in the new house, but it still feels much like a construction zone.

The three of us are sleeping in one room right now, as the rest of the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms are in a shambles. We have only one working bathroom (there are 5 in the house if you include the two school house powder rooms that are falling apart. We are using the cast iron tub up on the 3rd floor while we wait for our main bathroom to assemble itself.

The sink we ordered for our new kitchen was backordered so we hooked up the old kitchen sink (circa 1950's). We had it disconnected by the plumbers when we had started the kitchen demolition, so it took a fair bit of work to get it fixed. After I finally had it hooked up, it stopped draining. It ended up that there was a ton of gross gunk all backed up into the plumbing vent and more it came loose after we started using it again. So, I had to cut out all the drain/vent pipe as far as I could, and redo it, including a new trap and a small cheater vent (AAV) under the sink in case the main vent is backed up further up the line (which is a possibility). The original faucet was badly leaking, so we replaced that too.

Then came the electrical upgrade. The local hydro company came and hooked up our new 200 AMP service, and the electricians ran the new mast and wiring to the new panel and did the switch over. Then they left, without finishing the 60AMP subservice line to the old school houses (no power out there right now), and without properly checking all the plugs and switches (there are 4-5 not working), and not putting any switch and plug covers on (not a good thing with a 2 year-old running around). They are coming back on Monday.

Then the weather warmed up, and our basement flooded from melting ice/snow. There was around 1 inch of water in a few places and most areas of the basement got wet. We were smart enough to elevate all of our belongings we just moved in, but it was not a happy event. The school house flooded as well, which sucks because we have a lot of construction materials out there. And the ice melting off the roof made our driveway dangerous due to the falling chunks of ice sheet. Then a bucket catching water pouring through the sunroom roof fell over and caused water to come through our dining room ceiling.

Fun times. Now I have to do some office work so I can go and hang some more kitchen cabinets so we can put away our food and dishes instead of living out of boxes. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I don't have time to post any. Maybe when I'm in a better mood. Oh ya, the floors turned out great now that they are finally finished. One thing we're happy about.


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry to hear about all the bad news. I know the feeling - everything going wrong at the same time. The snow melt will be over soon.

  2. The floors are looking gorgeous guys. Great work! Sorry to hear about all the hardships. You guys have some guts managing all this while raising a 2 year old, let me tell ya! You are braver than I am.