Friday, February 6, 2009

Move in date...

So, now that the floors are done (they put the last coat of urethane on this morning), we have decided to take the plunge and move in later this weekend. We've been trying to hold off on the move for as long as possible, but our rental lease is almost up, and now that the plumbing, electrical, floors, and new boiler are more or less done, the house should be liveable.

You'll notice in the floor pictures (see previous post) that some of the walls aren't exactly pristine. We ran out of time for plastering and repairing some of the walls, and opted to have the floors done first. Normally, you wait until the rest of the renovation work is done, but with a two-year old running out, we didn't want to have unsealed floors in such poor condition. We're just going to have to put down tarps and paper to keep the mess off the new floors.

We'll have more pictures up of the kitchen and bathroom progress shortly, along with the finished floor (once the top-coat dries). Hopefully we'll be settled in by Monday and then we can start devoting more evening time (when the little one is sleeping) to make progress on the unfinished items on our list.

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  1. floors look great. quite a contrast to what we saw at christmas.