Monday, December 29, 2008

Progress and Pictures

Christmas has been busy for us, travelling between Ottawa and Toronto to visit with family and running errands for the new house.

We've planned out the interim kitchen and purchased cabinets and appliances to be delivered in the next week or so. The plumbers have made progress on replacing the supply and drainage pipes for the second floor bathroom. They're starting more work tomorrow and will be busy with the rest of the plumbing and then the heating system work for the next week or two.

As promised, here are some pictures of the house.


Living / Dining Rooms:


Second Floor Den:

As you can see from the photographs, the house has a lot of wood work and other character features. This is what made us fall in love with the house. There are a lot of other parts that aren't as pretty; I'll get some pictures of those up shortly. Stay tuned...


  1. A couple random thoughts:

    Is it normal in your area to not have an enclosed coat closet?

    Love the windows. Wow.

    The chandelier in the dining room is really nice. Not what I'd expect in that house, but nice. If you ever plan to remove it in favor of something more in character with the room, I could probably make a good home for it.

    I look forward to seeing what the porcelain light fixtures on the fireplace look like with some period-style light bulbs in them. (Assuming that that is what they are.)

  2. The hanging rod you see in the front foyer was added at some point in the past. We plan to remove it. There is actually an open closet just in front of the kitchen area. It has coat hooks all along the wainscotting. I think this second open area was intended to be used to hang guest's coats.

    A lot of the alterations to the house were likely made in the late 1940's, when the house was owned by a local college that operated across the street. We know that they added the school buildings at the back (see previous post of main floor layout), extended the old coach house to meet up with the school buildings, and they likely also added sinks to two of the front bedrooms on the second floor (which have since been removed). They added one sink in an alcove in a bedroom (likely originally the master bedroom) that used to open into the second floor den. I'll be posting a second floor layout when I get a chance to draw one up.