Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pocket Doors

We have two sets of pocket doors that are roughly 7'6" tall and 6' wide (3' each). They are located between the foyer and the living room and the living and dining room. They are painted on the living room side, and have the original stain on the other side.

Here are the ones between the foyer and living room:

Here are the ones between the living room and dining room:

They are currently really hard to pull in and out of the walls. They rub the trim in a few places and a couple of them scratch the hardwood. I noticed that they don't look like they are properly on their upper tracks, some of the pulleys are not engaging, and the locking latch mechanism is painted over on one set. We'll probably try to do some restorative work on them prior to finishing the hardwood floors so that we don't damage the hardwood once it's refinished.

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  1. It might just be the paint on them causing the issues. I've some cabinets that I couldn't figure out why they were binding until I realized that there was a thick layer of paint on the side where the hinge is.