Friday, January 6, 2012

Status, wow how time flies

I haven't posted for a while. Life gets busy. I travel for work, have a family I want to spend quality time with, and we've been trying to be more prudent with funds, so the renovations have slowed down.

A very quick status report:
- we still have a large pit in the backyard
- we still have an unfinished back building although it is progressing, just slowly
- we have a new flat roof on the back building (modified bitumen, new roof drains, etc...)
- I've been slowly restoring our wood windows and storms
- we have a neighbour that corners our lot who's trying to develop a 19-unit condo building on a 100 x 130 lot
- we have a new neighbour beside us who is renovating their house (and making much more progress than us it seems)
- we still might have squirrels in our attic
- my post on making wood windows has had 19,000 hits

I've started a tumblr blog so I can at the very least post some photos that I don't have time to blog about here. You can check it out here:

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