Friday, June 5, 2009

Roofing Done (for now)

I had intended to post a daily update on the roofing work, but with the roofers coming sporadically due to poor weather, and my new travel out of town for work, it wasn’t possible.

They finished this past Wednesday on everything we contracted them to do.  We will likely be having them come back to finish the rest of our roof in a couple years.  We opted not to have it all done at once due to budget constraints.  We targeted the biggest problem areas.

Here are some shots of the front area with the two dormers:



A shot of the side of that same area (you can see the new shingle selection from this one and the new valleys):


And a few of the area with the new standing seam metal roof:


I have a few criticisms of their work, but I might be a bit too picky… Their caulking looks pretty messy in a few places, especially when viewed up close.  The counter-flashing on the front near the right window is bigger than it was before (slightly) and doesn’t follow the same cut-in as it used to.  I find it looks a bit odd.  The old counter-flashing didn’t touch the edge of the window either.

Also, the space between the two dormers isn’t even.  They insisted that they followed the wood framing of the roof exactly when they put their metal flashing up, so it must mean that it wasn’t even before or it has warped over the years.  The result of this is that the gap becomes more narrow at the front.

The counter-flashing for the standing seam roof is higher than the old counter-flashing, which makes the lower wood piece in the Tudor framing look odd.  We may be removing this area of stucco and Tudor framing and replacing it with cedar though.  If we do that, we can have them remove the counter-flashing or shorten it and have the cedar shakes come over it.

Overall, we are pleased with their work.  Now we can start repairing the side-sundeck’s windows and get the attic and dormers insulated.  We may also get spray foam insulation installed under the side sundeck’s roof to help prevent ice dams.

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  1. What a great improvement where the dormers are now two separate roofs. Looks much better.

    As for the caulking - my wife keeps reminding me of the ten foot rule. Most people won't get within 10 feet, so if it looks good from there, it's probably good enough.