Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pigeon Nest and Roofing Update

We’ve had a family of pigeons nesting in between our two front dormers.  They’ve had babies, and we let them fledge before calling in an animal control company to try to encourage them to move out.  We now have a family of 6 pigeons hanging around our roof and perching on wood trim ledges, but none in our roof anymore!

Note the 44 ft ladder they had to use.  It’s definitely not in my comfort zone and I’m glad we hired someone for this work:

IMG_0994IMG_1001IMG_1003 You can see the pigeons hanging around wondering why they can’t get back into our roof.  All of this is temporary (and ugly, but oh well) until we have the roof repaired…

We’ve finally hired a roofing company to fix our front dormer situation.  They are going to restore the roof to it’s original setup, with the dormer roofs separate with a gap between them.  They are also going to replace the lower metal apron roof, and put a new standing seam steel roof over the cantilevered sun porch.  They will be starting at the end of May.  Stay tuned!

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